Ryan Wayland


Ryan is originally from Los Angeles, California, a graduate of Hollywood's Musicians Institute in the field of music production, recording and songwriting. His lyrical style has been influenced by many of the urban street poets and iconoclasts of the early beatnik generation and on up to the 60's and 70's. Summoning up traces of Bukowski, Burroughs, and Waits, Ryan often personifies in his songs characters corrupt, depraved or misunderstood as heard in "The 20th Floor", "Temptation" and even the more satirical "Clean As A Child". His music has been described as dark, sultry, animated and gritty. Integrating elements of blues, rock, folk, jazz and even surf music, Ryan is always pushing to make sure his listeners are hearing something they haven't heard before.


Among Ryan's credits are nominations in 7 categories and the title of "Most Creative" writer of the year for 2006 by the Songwriters Showcases of America. He was a featured headliner at the Deland Original Music Festival (the largest original music festival in the Southeastern United States) for 2006 and 2007. Ryan was voted by HotGuitarist.com "Best New Artist of the Year" for 2011. He recently composed the music for 2 off-broadway plays, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Dorothy in Oz, written by James Michael Shoberg and directed by Alice Camarota. The plays were featured in New York City's Roy Arias Theatre.

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